Welcome to Chiane Cloete’s website, and thank you for taking the time to view it.

Chiane, our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer on Monday, 4th of July 2011 (then 5 years old). When we found out that Chiane has a rare form of brain cancer called sPNET (the American way) or stPNET (the British way) we couldn’t just sit back and wait, we decided to take an active approach in her treatment. sPNET grade 4 is very aggressive and successful long term cures are proven to be a challenge for the medical field worldwide.

We are therefore tackling her cancer from as many angles as possible, and we will throw anything and everything at it. One rule applies though – if a treatment can harm Chiane’s quality of life, we take a step back, but if it will cause no harm or improve her quality of life, we take it on board.

The only way to fight her cancer sufficiently is to know as much as possible about brain cancers and sPNET specifically. “Know your enemy”. We have been doing research through endless nights and have quickly become familiar with sPNET and realised that there is still no “satisfactory medical” cure. We reviewed thousands of medical trials, spoke to over 180 parents worldwide, asking them if they could start over with treatment, what would they have done differently; liaising with specialists from all over the world on all different levels. We are also liaising with parents that won the battle against cancer through alternative treatments and therapies after their children relapsed. The medical field knows a lot about sPNET, but they know  a lot what sPNET “is not”. The medical industry knows little about the prognosis, histology and treatment of sPNET because they just don’t have “volume” of children diagnosed with sPNET. Currently, sPNET is  treated by using different types of treatment plans or through medical trials, with little success due to relapses. Some treatment plans suggest better success rates than others. A lot of times, the cancer relapses after treatment, it comes back more aggressively than before and very little can then alter the course of this type of cancer. The problematic challenge regarding stPNET is where it sits in the brain. The brain barrier protects the brain, and therefore, also protects the cancer. If the cancer  is situated in the central nervous system (CNS), it sits in the heart of the brain fluids.The brain fluids runs down the spine that produces all the blood cells, and in many, many cases children relapse and the cancer spreads at the primary site, where it spreads very quickly through the body after treatment.

We are fighting Chiane’s cancer from all possible angles to compliment her treatment. It requires A LOT of our time, but anything worth fighting for in life is never easy!

You can very easily get lost on the web with so many different diets, nutritional advice, different treatments, and one contradicts the other. It can be very frustrating and confusing. We therefore surround ourselves with as many specialists as possible. However, it is imperative to work only with professional qualified specialists who are above board, and have all the qualifications and credentials their field require and demand!
What do you do when you find out you have cancer? Or even worse, what do you do when you find out your child has cancer? You will feel you are the only parents in the world who are going through it; rest assured you are not alone and not the first parents to hear such news, or to undertake this journey. This is where your life will be turned upside down, but it does not end! You stay positive, you fight and you surround yourselves with experts from as many fields as possible.

There is ALWAYS hope. It requires hard work and determination…

The main focus of Chaine’s website is to:

  • Keep friends and family up to date about Chiane’s progress and treatment.
  • Use Chaine’s website as a networking tool for other children diagnosed with stPNET/sPNET/PNET.
  • To collect funds and donations for Chiane’s cancer treatment.

We are fighting cancer by thinking outside the box. We are fighting Chiane’s cancer from as many angles as possible and we do so by:

  • Doing extensive research on alternative methods, treatments, supplements, etc.
  • Surrounding ourselves with specialists in all possible fields above board.
  • Working closely with the NHS, Charities and by having a holistic approach.
  • Most importantly we will be fighting her cancer with prayer!