day 7 more pictures

More painting!

I have met some special pilots from NASA that visited me. I learned new words like “astronaut”. They taught me a lot about space! They have been to space and told me it takes them an hour and half to travel around the earth!!!!!!! I asked my daddy when he got here why it takes him 9 hours to travel to America but the astronauts and hour and half to travel around earth! He said their aeroplane is faster.
They gave me a special “emblem” with their names on it and the name of the last mission they went on. It looks just like the one on their clothes. I had so much fun! I asked my mommy why they visited me and she said they like to visit the stars, but they couldn’t today, so they visited me instead as I am a star that shines bright.

My daddy was very naughty yesterday! We left the hospital and went to a park that is next to the hospital. We smelled the flowers. We laid on the grass and guessed what shape the clouds were. I saw a doggy and a rabbit! My daddy told me not to tell the nurses that we left the hospital! I did when we got back. The nurses told my daddy he was naughty but he laughed at them saying that I needed it! My daddy knows best and he knows every thing.

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