Day 10

Good evening everyone. I have a lot of medicine at home that the doctors gave mommy and daddy. One of them is called steroids and it makes me very hungry! Daddy said that he is going to buy shares in ASDA because I eat so much! He says I am eating him out of the house and they will have to send a truck full of food as our car is too small. I have no idea what that means but he and mommy is very happy that I eat so good! Mommy bought food last night at ASDA and she has gone today again. I went with her and I want to eat everything that I see!!!!!

My friends came to play today at my house and we had a lot if fun. This is Naomi and she is from Bulgaria. We are not in the same school but I’ve know her for a long time! Since I was 3 years old.

Mommy said if I eat good and sleep well I will grow! I’m sleeping a lot and I eat good and I am almost as big as mommy and daddy!

My hair bothers me! I want to wash my hair! It is very sticky and I want my hair to look good and smell nice. Mommy said that the doctors told her, I am not allowed to wash my hair for 5 more days because of my operation. She tried dry shampoo but it is not working! Daddy said not to worry because I look just like the famous people in the magazines with their messy dirty hair! He is so silly my daddy!!!!!!

I stepped in a bee at home and it really hurt. The bee sting me but my mommy put ice on it.

I feel good but my right arm really hurts.

Thank you for praying for me and for everyone that visited me so far.


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