Day 7

Good morning to you all.

Thank you for all the kind words, words of comfort and support.
We have received over 600 emails in the last 2 days from people that we do not know. Chiane had a full and exciting day.
It was a waiting game as she was supposed to go in for her MRI scan, but she didn’t in the end. There were too many emergencies. Chiane will definitely go in this morning under general anaesthetics to do a scan of her head.

She is doing very well. We are noticing small things that are of very little concern. Her walk is different and she complains about pain in her right arm. She still has no feeling in her right thumb and index finger and there is a “patch of tissue” on her right arm that is very blue. We are hoping that it won’t turn into “dead tissue”. Other that that, she is all good. Her memory has been affected and she forgets things that happened 10 minutes earlier. We hope this is all temporarily.
She was very tired last night and we went to bed just after 8 pm. She slept until 6 am this morning.
We have received over 600 emails from Christian communities and churches all over the world informing us that they pray for her. Thank you all for being so active and for asking your churches to pray with us!

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