Update Day 8

Chiane’s MRI scans came back and although the specialist haven’t looked at it yet, the word from those who have is that there is no bleeding or fluids on her brain. They have started to prepare us to go home with ever so long lists of do’s and don’ts.

The biopsy report, diagnosis and prognosis will be back by the weekend and the neuro specialist team will meet to establish a treatment plan. Chiane will be back at the hospital on Monday. They will then discuss the treatment plan with us. Until then…. We wait!

We will let you all know tomorrow after our meeting with the neurologist what the MRI results are (meaning how much they managed to cut out in surgery).

They have already hinted that it MIGHT be one of 4 different types of chemotherapies and Chiane will most like be an “in patient”…

They spoke to us today about Chiane going to school inside the hospital as the hospital have a school here for a period of time. A lot of questions… And very few answers…

Monday will be the day for asking questions.

Thank you thank you thank you ALL for your prayers!!!!!!!

We will let you know once Chiane is home tomorrow.

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