Day 9

Yesterday, after a long day of not being able to eat, I got back from my MRI scan at 5:15pm. I was so hungry! Mom had a great idea. She decided to take me to pizza hut! Yessssss!!

After we ate our pizzas, we went to the ‘icecream factory’ and made our own icecream. I enjoyed my icecream very much, but neither mom nor I could finish our icecreams. We left pizza hut with our tummies very full. We got to have a fun girly night in pizza hut!

After dinner mommy and I went to the hospital chapel and we said a prayer together. I would like to thank all the many people (some are on daddy’s email list) who has been keeping me in their thoughts and in their prayers. I am truely blessed to have so many people pray for me from all over the world; from Australia to South Africa, from Polland to Greece, from India to the UK; from Canada to the US and so many places in between.

I was in parrot ward. They have this picture on the floor with foot prints to help you find your way. So, even if I get lost in the hospital, I can find my way back just like Hansel and Gretal….

And today I went home!!!!! I was so happy when I’ve been told that I can go home!!!!

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Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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