funny faces

Daddy and I traveled on the underground train today to the city and to my hospital. I’m having another operation tomorrow and I know it will hurt again but it is ok, I know the doctors have to take more cancer out. I now know my hurt in my head is called cancer. That didn’t stop us having fun though! We were very silly and people in the train looked at us as if we were crazy! We didn’t care and we had fun!

My daddy pulled his eyes and he looks like a turtle!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahah!!!

This is my uncle and my cousin Harris! They shaved their hair off as well just like daddy!!!! I love my family so much although we don’t see each other often we are close and we care about each other!

We will cut my hair once it starts to fall out and mommy will make a plat like this one and cut it so that my hair is a bit shorter when they start to fall out. Mommy will put my hair in my album.

I was so happy to see Luke again from the BBC! First thing I did was hug him and took the camera to take a video of daddy shaking his bum like the bear in the jungle book!!!!!!!

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