Second Operation

Chiane just got out of a 7 hour op, but the doctors had to go back in to theatre re another child… We were told the surgeons will come and see us at 6 pm to discuss her op…

She looks stable but her head is shaking a lot (it didn’t last time), due to the more intense op and her body responding in shock…? We don’t know??? We are guessing? And she has a blood drainage tube coming out of her head, which she didn’t have last time and it is filling up steadily, which means she is bleeding internally? Or? Or? We don’t know…may be it’s just post op blood filtering out? Nurses in ICU are very busy monitoring her and they said it’s best to wait for the surgeons… They don’t look to worried, although they are “hovering” around her all the time…

Pic taken in the theatre as we asked for access as soon as they were done…

Chiane was moved from the theatre to ICU… Now the big wait begins!!!

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