10 July 2011

My brother visited me yesterday! He and daddy came by train

I felt already much better yesterday and daddy allowed me to watch a barbie DVD early evening last night in my room.

My DVD player in my room is broken. The nurses gave me this DVD player and a barbie DVD. They are so friendly and they do so much to help me.

This was me yesterday afternoon…

This was me early evening. Daddy put my tinkerbell night gown on and gave me a sweety and “droewors” that he sneaked in to hospital for me…I first had to eat my dinner which I did!

Me this morning. My headband is off and I’m playing doctor doctor. Daddy said I’m looking like a wild rock fan with my wild hair. He wants to do my hair but I’m waiting for mommy. They shaved some of my hair off this time as it was a bit tricky to operate and they had to cut my head open a bit wider.

All done! I operated on my teddies and dolls and their headaches will be better now too. I have a lot of friends visiting me today and I will send another email later today

Thank you everyone for praying for me and my brother and my family!!!!!!
There is a boy next door to me and he is still sleeping. He had his operation after me on Friday and his mommy and daddy look sad. I gave then a hug and said he will be better soon like me and that the nurses are very good and friendly.

Lots of kisses, cuddles and hugs!!!

About Our Butterfly Girl

Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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