2 Days after 2nd brain operation

Good morning everyone.

Chiane looks well; we had a rough night last night as the pain kicked in and the morphine was nowhere to be seen. By 2 am I was on the nurses backs and by 4 am she was sleeping again. Her head is fine, the pain is mainly where they did the lumber punch in her spine.

We are so fortunate and God’s hand is working on Chiane… It’s Sunday morning and Chiane and I are playing in the playroom; she had weetabix for breakfast and she fed herself. She is off all the drips, machines and her headband is off. I still need to sort her hair out but it will be tricky! I’m not as good as her mom with hair!

We didn’t tell a lot of people but Chiane, before she went in for her op on Friday, had numbness in her right hip, right foot and 2 fingers in her right hand. This morning, she has no more numbness in her foot or hip, only in ONE finger… A very very big improvement but it is still early days (as for the aftermath of her operation). One thing I have noticed is that her walking is still a little “funny and off”… And her head at times is shaking a bit which didn’t happen during the first op…BUT 2 MAJOR brain operations and she is FINE!

After the first op we thought phew!!!! She is ok… Then when we knew about the 2nd op we thought how many times will you get lucky with a brain operation, especially how deep they went the 2nd time… And she is!!! TWICE!!!!!! God’s hand is protecting her and she is up and about so quickly!!! No swollen eyes like last time…her headband is off… The nurses call her “little David”…from David and Goliath…
She has fought the giant twice now and twice she won… We are extremely fortunate for her to look so good after 2 operations, either one could have gone wrong and it didn’t; we are extremely fortunate for so many friends; family, churches, and people we don’t even know that have been on their knees praying for her and asking God to protect her and guide the surgeons through her operations. Thank you all for your endless prayers.

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