Visitors and Funny faces

It’s been a busy few days and I have had so many visitors! Thank you everyone for visiting me! I have a lot of pics that I want to send.

Werner, Sharess and Brian

Cherry used to be my nursery headmaster when I was in nursery.

Dustin and Monika.

Andre and Taryn.

Uncle Andre cut his hair short just for me, but he could not shave it all off because his bosses will tell him off!

Thank you everyone for all the fruit, colour pens… Home schooling books, my beautiful hat, new night gowns, all my fruity juices, dolls and so so so much more!!!!!!!!!

My back is still hurting because of my lumber punch so my daddy taught me a clever trick!!!!!! We practice my back and stretched my back in the bath. My body is light and I lift my legs up and I exercise my back. It helped a lot and the stiffness and hurt is so much better!!

You should’ve seen my daddy in this small bath!!!!!! It was very, very funny!!! His knees were past his ears!!!!!! I wanted to take a pic of him in the bath, but my daddy refused saying he wants everyone to be able to sleep Tonight and not get nightmares of him Naked!!!!! Hahhahahahhah

Mommy and I spent a lot of time in the play room drawing, colouring in and painting. And do funny faces!

Daddy and I were naughty again! Just like last time we sneaked out of the hospital early evening tonight and we went to a park close to the hospital. It was so nice to get out again and walk around. And more funny faces!

Daddy sticking his Tongue out!

Daddy and I doing the model serious pose! I told daddy it looks like he is about to do something he is not supposed to do! That is not a model look! Hahahahahah

We found a flower in the park that looks almost like the plastic flower on my hat!!

We had fun in the park but we had to go back because we were gone for almost an hour!

Daddy and I sent this picture to the nurses on the Parrot ward in the hospital before we went back. Hahhahahahhah! When we got back inside the hospital they were just smiling at daddy, pointing a finger at him saying he was very naughty! I know we were not allowed outside of the hospital but it was so nice to sit in the park and relax for a little while.

When we were sitting in the park daddy and I spoke about my therapy and medicine I will start soon. I know it will be very long time but I know it is important. I am ready to start and like daddy says…. We will tackle this head-on and we will fight my cancer. I agree with daddy… I am going to work hard in the hospital with my school books and I’m going to be a good girl taking my medicine and I know it will make me very sick, but we will do this and we will be very strong, standing proud because we are very strong. We are going to fight! Like David and Goliath! We are going to fight!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and wonderful emails. I read my own emails and daddy or mommy reads the more difficult words to me. I struggle a bit with the Afrikaans but daddy or mommy tells me in english what it says.

Lots of kisses and hugs and cuddles


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Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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