Update Friday evening

Chiane’s operation went well and her Hickman lines are in. She is recovering well.

They are a bit concerned with her head, as it started to swell again over the last 24 hours at home and before her op this afternoon it was huge (left side of her head above the ear where cut her head open). She has a headband on to help with the swelling and she might go in for another MRI. They know it’s fluids collecting but they don’t know if it is infected… If it is they will need to address it very quickly.

She will stay over night so that they can keep an eye on her…

What was said today?
1. We reviewed her Post MRI and it looks good…the radiologists (MRI specialists) were too busy today to see us, but the neurology department showed us the results and it looks really good… They said, based on what they can see, they think about 93% has been removed BUT we should WAIT for radiologists to speak to us as they will have the most accurate information. We meet them on Tuesday next week…

2. We did speak to the pathologist (that studied and diagnosed Chiane’s cancer in the lab) and the Genetics and molecular biologist. They still have to do a lot of tests, but they have established that her first chemo drugs (MTX and VCR) do cause Deafness in some children. It was established that Chiane is showing no signs of any “defects in her genes or DNA” and both drugs are safe to give to her.
We signed a consent form today to go ahead with the first 2 chemo’s and the “Milan treatment plan”…
We will review each chemo before it’s given and look for/compare any defects in her genes and DNA, searching for known causes between her genes and certain cancers, and then review each chemo specifically for “secondary cancers known causes”…

So we signed today for the overall treatment and approval of the first 2 chemo’s.

They have also discussed with us that they might have to alter her radiotherapy treatment, as they need to exclude a few things first in her DNA and genes re a specific defect, that can cause her skin a lot of harm as it “might not heal” as it should (radiotherapy does/can/might cause serious skin pain and irritation). So that is under investigation.

If all goes well and the swelling is not increasing, she will be home tomorrow and they will start on Monday with chemo 1. I will explain later each chemo, why they gave it/effects/how it works etc…this is just a summary of where we are.

They will first test her kidney and liver function Monday morning and if all is good…
If her swelling doesn’t improve, they will first deal with that and treat it before chemo starts. If all is well by Monday…
Chemo 1 will be given on Monday and she will be in hospital until Thursday (I’ll go into it over the weekend).

Andia is with Chaine tonight. I’m home now with Estian. Chiane looked well before I left (except for the bump that is standing like an egg on her head)…

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