Update Friday

Good morning everyone.

We are back at GOSH (great ormond street hospital)…

We are having a few meetings today to:
1. To sign consent forms.

2. To discuss the MRI scan results, which was done on Tuesday.

After our meetings we will go to the Lion ward, where Chiane will be submitted for her Hickman line…those of you that don’t know what a Hickman line is… It’s 2 tubes that will be connected to her main vein close to her heart. Why will the tubes be connected there? Because the main veins close to the heart are the biggest and strongest and can “cope” with all the chemo that will be pumped in to her….a vein in her arm or hand with a tube connected to it is too small and the tubes will stop working after 4 or 5 days, because of blood trying to heal itself in the hand or arm…clotting up the needles at the end of the tubes.

Close to the main artery veins is the best place for her tubes. The veins are big and the needles of the tubes will not get clotted (that’s the theory at least… They sometimes do). The tubes will come out of her body and will become part of her for the next 9 months. She will have them until the end of her treatment. They will use the tubes to give her chemo; to draw blood; to use as a drip if she doesn’t want to drink, medicine for defects etc. etc… The Hickman lines prevent her from getting needles pushed into her body every week for 9 months…it is convenient (from a medical point of view) as they have direct access “on the tap” when they need to and it will it be her “blood test on the tap” whenever they need to test her blood, which will be very frequent.

We prepared Chiane for her “wheegilly things” that will be put in today and she will need to come up with names for each of them. One she is going to call Tinkerbell and we are waiting for the 2nd name… She is still thinking!

She will go in under general anaesthetics at 2 pm today to get her Hickmans installed (her tubes). We have been told this morning that she will go home tomorrow, once they know she is ok to do so. She will have a rest on Sunday at home and Monday she will be submitted for her first chemo treatment. In patient for how long? Don’t know yet… We will discuss that today.

More info will follow once we had our meetings today.

Thank you all for your support, love, words of comfort and prayers.

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