Good evening everyone.

Today was our first tough day. The chemo has kicked into Chiane’s system and has hit her very hard. She has a sore mouth and hasn’t eaten anything until about 6 pm tonight… We tried all sorts of food, but nothing worked. Eventually we gave her some fruit and she gave it a go, but it was slow and difficult. She managed to have some fruit. She was very weak and tired today and has slept a lot. The neurology team visited her this afternoon and they are getting a little bit worried, because the cut on her head is “extremely soft”… If you touch it lightly it just sinks away inwards… They are considering to drain it tomorrow by sticking a needle into her head and withdraw the fluids. We were hoping to go home tomorrow for the weekend, but if Chiane can’t eat she will need to stay in the hospital. They will then feed her via a small tube through her nose, that runs to the back of her throat. Hopefully she will feel better in the morning. She tried and fought very hard today and put on a brave face despite feeling sick and weak!

Her muscles are starting to “tighten up”. It will become very sore if they do. A physiotherapist taught Andia and I today how to loosen her up and it takes about 30 min to run through the whole “session”. We have to do the session 3 times a day as of today.


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