Another tough night

Good afternoon everyone.

Last night was a very, very long night.

Chiane’s immune is down due to the chemo. Her temperature started to go up last night and by 2 am she was 38.4 degrees….they said she MIGHT have an infection and kept a close eye on her. I sponged her down for most of the night. She started complaining about “joint” pains at 4 am (it is a side effect of chemo 2). Neuro came in at 7 am and her bump on her head is bigger. They inserted a needle in her head and withdrew the fluids. I had tears in my eyes and almost broke my own teeth by biting so hard! I felt so sorry for her.

They are slightly worried as her urine is showing no more traces of chemo as it as has been flushed out, yet the fluids they have withdrawn look like chemo 1! It’s a good thing if the chemo is in her head, because it means it broke through the brain barrier and it’s doing it’s job! Yet, if the fluids are collecting in one spot and it’s chemo just “sitting there”, and they’ve withdrawn it, how much is too much withdrawal? A lot of people have been running around today and everything is up in the air at the moment… We are waiting for the brain fluids results…

As for her infection and fever, they started antibiotics this morning and she will be in the hospital for 5 days to monitor her. Chemo was due to start Monday again but looks like it will be pushed back. To when? We don’t know.

Estian had an accident at nursery today with a big knock on his nose. He has an 8:45 appointment tomorrow morning at the doctors and he looks ok under circumstances!!!

Chiane was in a bad shape by the time I left her to go to Estian. Hopefully she will be better in the morning!


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