Chiane back to herself

Good everybody….

Today was a very busy day. Chiane was doing very well. The first day that she was her old self in days. Eating and drinking stays a challenge for us, but we are making progress.

We had some “issues” (which I don’t want to go into). There were a few tense moments, but we got there in the end and everything has been resolved.

The hospital agreed for Chiane to go out for a few hours…we felt it was very important for her just to get a “breather” before the next chemo starts. She loved it… The first time in one week without any machines connected to her… She was out of the hospital like a cork out of a champagne bottle!

When we got back, she went for another EGO test and started chemo at 6 pm tonight… For three days until Friday 6 pm… It is a high dose of chemo 3…it’s called Etoposide (VP16). We will see how she reacts to it…we know the side effects and it is a waiting game to see which ones will affect her…

One side effect that really worries us at the moment is her feet going VERY tight….caused by the Vincristine (chemo 2)… It causes her feet to “pull downwards” that forces her to tip toe all the time.. It’s getting worse and her muscles are going really tight in her feet and legs… They already mentioned “casts for 2 weeks at a time for 2 months” if it goes tighter… Soooo we are seriously working very hard with her to loosen her feet muscles… We can’t deal with both her legs in casts too!!!! Hahhahahhahahah

The one medicine that we used for her mouth really worked well… All mouth sores are gone! Throat is sorted and all good!!!

She had a busy day but she loved it.
She had a celebrity visiting her today in hospital…
She also had Disney TV channel and Channel 5 coming to see her today (its for charity) and they did an interview with her. They were all shocked at how well and comfortable she is behind the cameras. She made them all laugh all the time and we could see how they admire her bubbly personality and how strong/brave she is.
The Daily Star came to interview Andia and I. Publicity is now over for a while and today was a good ‘change’ of scenery for us… And Chiane loves being in front of the camera. She also “slipped out” a few family secrets which made everyone laugh!

On top of it all, we had some serious discussion and meetings with GOSH today about certain concerns but it got resolved.

Thank you all for your continues prayers….xxxx


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