Chiane at home

Good afternoon everyone.

Chiane is home. I haven’t had time yet to email an update and I do apologise. It was hectic getting our house “clinically clean”! Arrange for her to come home. Sorting out all her medicine and injections etc etc.

We ask kindly that no one visit as yet please. Her immune system us whipped out completed based on blood tests they have done this morning which means the chemo is doing it’s job, but also that she can get very very ill, very quickly because of a zero immune system. We will let you know when it is ok to visit. Chiane will be home for a week, getting a lot if medicine and injections. Blood testing etc etc…hopefully her blood count and neutrophils will be at a satisfactory level by Wednesday/Thursday. We will keep you informed re visitors. We have to avoid public places with her, and our house smells like a hospital with all the cleaning that went on the last 24 hours!

Thank you for your patience! I will explain when I have time again what injections we are giving her and what comes next!

How is Chiane? Very happy to be home! She has no more side effects except for eating which continues to be a struggle and the muscles that we continue trying to poising it up to avoid casts! How is Estian? Very happy to play with his sister at home again!


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