Good morning every one.

Chiane is doing well. Our biggest challenge is giving her injections. We thought it would be “easy” to give her injections since no needles are going into her skin. The injections “burns” for a few minutes during and after we give it…. It has become a very very hard thing to do with Chiane refusing it/screaming the roof off/crying…. Yesterday it took us 2 hours to give her injections and it is unbelievable how strong a 5 year old can be when you try to pin her down… She would cry and plead for us not to do it. It was soooo hard for us to do it BUT today was the first day she worked with us and all injections were given in 15 minutes! Phew!!

She knows why we have to do it, she understands the function of the injections but she is only 5 years old and the injections do burn… So she is scared of it.

Every afternoon a nurse comes around and draw her blood, and a few hours later they will contact us with the results. She is VERY neutropedic at the moment with her neutrophil levels being 0.1!! That’s VERY VERY low. Unfortunately she can’t have any visitors as yet because of her low level. She is completely open to any virus or bacterial infections…. Her temperature is holding so far which is good.

Chiane and Estian has been playing from the moment they open their eyes until they go to bed. Bathing is still something we have to get use to because it takes about 30 min to “prepare” her for her bath.

Her feet and muscles are MUCH better and we made good progress. Her feet and lower leg muscles are getting very loose.

Chiane is eating very well and she drinks a lot of water. Estian is of course very happy to be home with his sister.

We want to thank everyone who is praying for Chiane!!!


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