Chiane much better now

Good evening everyone.

Chiane is doing very well. She is back in her old room at GOSH. The nurses are very happy that the “cheeky monkey” is back to liven up the ward. Little David has returned! Lol

We had a long chat with the doctors. They already started a lot of tests on her and she already received medication that seems to make a difference (because she was running up and down the corridors by 6 pm!! Thank you for your power of prayers and prayers of recovery!!!!! It’s unbelievable how quickly her health drop and then suddenly recovery in one day!!! It’s very unnatural but something we will have to get use to!

They will do a CD34 blood cell count tomorrow morning, review her health and overall blood counts and then decide when they will start stem cell harvesting. The doctors told us that they will not start the harvesting until the medical signs are right (blood counts and health). Based from I have seen this afternoon, she will be fit like a racing horse in the morning!!! Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!!!!


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