Chiane not doing well

Good afternoon all…

Chiane has been in hospital (our local hospital at Chase Farm) since Thursday. The antibiotics hasn’t work; the GCSF injections we gave her hasn’t worked and the blood transfusion hasn’t worked. Her neutrophils are still ZERO; plates are 27 (that’s low… A 100 is considered low), her White blood cells and red blood cells are below the threshold too. Chiane’s temperature spiked again last night and she is very very ill today. Great ormond street are concerned and asked for Chiane to come back. They are going to try and “fix” her for stem cell harvesting as timing is important. We have loads of question again but very few answers. We will know once we arrived at GOSH. An Intensive care unit ambulance is on it’s way to collect Chiane. Once we are at great ormond and we have answers re “the next step or what now?”, we will let you all know.


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