Two words “roller coaster”!!!!

Good evening all.

Two words – “roller coaster”!!!!

We don’t have good weeks and bad weeks anymore; neither do we have good days or bad days… The last week we experienced good hours and bad hours….

They started the CD34 cell harvesting this morning and by NOON they had 30 MILLION CD34 cells!!!!!!!! No more laying in bed for 2 days!! No 2nd round of harvesting in 2-3 weeks time!!! That is fantastic news!!! Thank you for your prayers…30 million CD34 cells! We had to get 6 million… We were soooo happy!!! Chiane came of the machine, her wigglies in her legs will come out (they were inserted solely for the CD34 cell harvesting).

They had some clowns coming around to get her spirit up and all went well until they did her blood count late afternoon. It’s still extremely low and because they want to remove the wigglies in her main vein in the upper thigh, she needs a lot of platelets to stop the bleeding once they take them out.. she was given another platelet transfusion late afternoon to get the ball rolling re her platelets recovery.

We have been told last week during the first platelet transfusion, that children sometimes show a reaction the 2nd time they get a transfusion but then thereafter (3rd 4th etc) they are all good and show no reaction if they get more transfusions (and Chiane will get loads in the months to come).

Behold, 20 min after her platelet transfusion her head started to swell. They are treating it at the moment. Hopefully, if it goes well, she might be home by Thursday or Friday to rest until they start chemo again next week on Monday.

Please pray with us that she will recover soon so that she can come home for a few days before her next chemo on Monday. Nothing is scheduled until Monday… If she recovers quickly she will come home to rest, otherwise she will stay in hospital until Monday when the next round of chemo starts.

Please don’t be shocked at the pics – she is ok.

Thank you all for praying with us.

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