Chiane’s energy much better

Good afternoon everyone.

Chiane looks much better today.

Her energy is much better. Her and Estian have been playing all day, enjoying each other and being home. Her fever is holding off. Hopefully she will continue to improve for Monday’s 4th round of chemo.

Friday mornings are always a big day for us – every Friday we change the dressing for Hickman lines and clean the area where the pipes go into her skin to prevent infections. It is always challenging for us because the plaster is VERY sticky (to prevent the pipes from coming out). It’s challenging because it hurts Chiane when we remove the plaster. It’s huge and hurts her – she might look weak at the moment, but there is nothing wrong with her voice and she can scream! Hahhahahahhah! Wish us luck!

Thank you everyone for praying for Chiane. We can not tell you how much it means to us….. Thank you everyone for your constant emails with words of support.


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