Chiane’s Diary 17/08/2011 part 1

Good afternoon everybody.

Thank you so much for all my emails. Daddy and mommy read me all the emails that you sent.

Thank you everybody for praying for me!

I had good and bad hours during my visit. This was today when I got off machines. The bright light hurt my eyes so daddy made the room dark for me. I was off my shadow for an hour to run around.

This afternoon when the last chemo was taken off. It felt good to know it’s over.

I’ve had 5 session of chemo so far and I feel very good compared to the other kids. I feel sorry for them because I’m the only one eating by myself with no pipes in my nose to feed me. I have no sore mouth but my bones and legs were hurting a lot last night. Me and daddy didn’t sleep and I had to take a bath 3 am this morning because I was sick. But I am all better today!

I wasn’t allowed out of my room (daddy’s orders!!). I wasn’t very happy so daddy brought the fun to my room. I had 3 play therapists in my room until we were told that I can go home. I understand that some of the children are very ill and it’s for my own good to stay in my room. This helps me from not picking up any infections or bacterial infections from other children.

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