Chiane’s Diary 17/08/2011 Part 2

Me going home this afternoon.
I feel VERY good. Mommy and daddy had lots and lots and lots of meetings today with lots of doctors and every one is surprised that I’m doing so well. The doctors told me I was suppose to be in bed for another 2 days and they are surprised I have so much energy!

I have a few hats and beautiful wigs but I don’t want to wear them. mommy and daddy told me it’s my choice. I can wear them or not. I said I don’t want them. I am beautiful and if God makes me loose my hair, and people stare let them stare. I don’t want to feel something is wrong with me and i am a “freak”, therefore I have to wear a wig to look and feel normal. It’s my choice and I decided I don’t want to wear anything. Everyone that cares for me and love me except me how I am. I will wear head scarfs in the winter to keep my head warm and a hat when it’s really warm to protect my head but I’m not wearing anything to look normal because I am normal, hair or not!

I am home now with my brother and I have to finish now because I have to take a bath. It’s so good to be home!! I missed my brother so much! Our kitchen looks different. There is a lot of new stuff and machines in our kitchen to make my social food and drinks. Mommy said it’s to help me get better.

Thank you everyone that is praying for me, even the people I don’t email. I know a lot of people forward my email to other people. Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!

Lots of love!!!!

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Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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