Good to be Home

Hallo everybody!!!!!

It’s so good to be home! Today was the first day that I was allowed to swing on the monkey bars again since my therapy started. I can now do every thing I used to do. It feels so good! I’m not allowed to eat anything that is in a tin, packed or carton box. Daddy and mommy cook everything in the kitchen from scratch. We went to a farm and daddy got a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. I can’t eat sweets or ice cream anymore and I was so worried because I love sweets and chocolates!!! I was very surprised that mommy made me special home made ice-cream, and chocolates and sweets! It’s all good stuff made from special honey and organic foods and it tastes so yummy! It helps the goodies fight the baddies and it tastes good!

This was my lunch today! Yummy!!

I’m allowed to swing on the monkey bars and my wigglies are all good and it’s not hurting anymore!

We went to a park and my brother and I played ball. I had a lot of fun today!

I feel super good today and I’m going to have my special bath now in oxygen water. It makes my skin feel very good. Thank you everyone that is praying for me and it does help me get better!!!

Lots and lots of love, cuddles and kisses.


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Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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