Update 19/08/2011

Good afternoon everyone.

Chiane is doing very well. She is full of energy, she is eating by herself. She is so far holding up and compared to the fact that she was only supposed to get out of hospital today…she is doing very well…

She gets out of breath fairly quickly. We went to the hospital to do a quick blood test and all is well, except for her red blood cell count. She will go in to our local hospital tomorrow for a red blood cell transfusion. It’s 6.1 and it should be above 8… Red blood cell count is very important because it carries the oxygen through the body and cancer “loves” an acid body with low oxygen levels (it thrives in acid environment and cancer hates alkaline environment)….Chiane will only go in for the transfusion tomorrow, then come home again (4 hours in hospital).

Tomorrow and the weekend will be a big test because that’s when the chemo aftermath will really kick in and hit her hard. So far so good, we do a lot to boost her immune system.

Please pray that she will have an “easy ride” this weekend as the chemo she had on Monday/Tuesday will really come to an effect tomorrow.

Thank you
Chris xxxxx

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