August 31

Good evening to you all. It was a very hard, long and intense day. The meeting was very complex. I will be covering a lot of aspects in this email, so please be patient if I jump around.

I just want to give everyone an understanding of her treatment plan still to come. Chiane is scheduled for another 2 chemos next week and Monday, and another 2 chemos next week and Tuesday. Because Chiane is so fit and well in herself, these will be given as an out patient. Which means, she will go in to hospital both mornings, receive her chemo’s and then come home. We want her home where we can work with her. After next week, the 1st phase is done. She will have a break until the 19th of September when she will have her MRI to establish what the cancer is doing.

Then, on the 26th of September, the 2nd phase starts; radiotherapy for 3 weeks, mon-fri, 2 sessions a day. After that….phase 3…

1 month of a new chemo that Chiane hasn’t had yet, a very very strong chemo… The ‘daddy’ of daddy chemo’s, the big cannon. This will ‘bleach’ her body to nothing…followed by 3 million of CD34 cell transfusion, her CD34 cells that they harvest. Then phase 4…

Phase 4…..

1 month replica of phase 3…. Then it’s end December and the end of the road re treatment.

The above is called the “Milan” treatment plan…the order of which the treatment take place, is absolutely curtail to have some success. It’s all about the order of which it happens.. This seems to have the best results so far…

Much was discussed.

The meeting started it’s focus on the radiotherapy and we challanged them to go technical in depth.

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