Horse Riding

Hallo everyone.

I had a wonderful time at home. Thank you everyone that has been praying for me, helping my goodies to fight the badies! I didn’t get ill! I don’t like going to the hospitals if it’s not for my treatment. My brother and I played a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun!

I stopped the oxygen therapy yesterday. I will start again on Wednesday next week. Tomorrow we are going back to Great Ormond Street. I will get my last chemo before radiotherapy. Daddy said we might not do radiotherapy, but if I do, I think we are ready for it. I don’t want to be put to sleep so many times. I think it will not be needed because we worked hard and I am ready!

Yesterday I went horse riding! I love horses! The doctors told daddy to keep me away from animals because of their germs that I can get, but daddy said my goodies are very strong to fight the badies. And it worked! I didn’t wake up with a fever this morning whoop whoop!!!

Horses love carrots just like me!

I was riding on Shaun. He is a very good listener!

Thank you so sooooooooo much to my teachers at school, Anna and Laurna, for inviting me to go horse riding with them! It was so nice to see my teachers again! I promise I will work hard on my homework while I am in hospital!!!!!

Mommy was very busy today cooking in the kitchen; making my juices and my special water to take with to hospital. Daddy was a lot on the phone today talking to doctors and to other daddies whose children have my illness. Daddy calls us “little warriors” because we fight our badies with a smile on our faces!

Thank you everyone that is praying for me! I feel VERY good and I am ready for my next round of chemo! Please pray for me that I do not get ill!

Lots of love and kisses and cuddles!!!!

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