Small operation

Good evening to you all.

Chiane went in on Monday for a small operation. She got a PEG (Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy ).

Chiane started Chemo yesterday. This was Chemo 5 (carboplatin) and chemo 2 (vincristine). Last week we got the green light for Chiane to receive the chemo as an out patient. Meaning she goes in, gets the chemo and she can go home afterwards, because she is doing so well. Chiane is now flying through her chemos and we do as much as we can to compliment her treatment.

We now know for a fact that she is allergic to heparin – that’s due to her Hickman lines being flushed with heparin by accident.

We have to start building Chiane’s system all over because of the chemo. 10 days from now, next week on Saturday she will hit her low or dip and then start to climb out of this round of chemo. We started tonight again with her treatment and we will continue to build her up again.

Chiane is tired. Operation on Monday, 2 chemo’s on Tuesday, then the heparin incident and more chemo today. It has hit her hard! But!!!!! 5 days from now she will be running again!

Monday is her MRI.

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