MRI scan is clean!!!

Good afternoon everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a very busy week! I have met a lot of people in suits and ties and they all looked really smart!!!!
We have been working very hard to prepare me for radiotherapy. I still go every day for hyperbaric oxygen therapy so that I can learn to lay still. I don’t want to be put to sleep twice a day if I get radiotherapy!
I am feeling very good! The doctors took my blood almost every day this week, and my goodies are winning my badies!!!!!!!! I had my MRI on Monday and the cancer is gone! Daddy said we just started and we still have a lot to do! I asked him how many badies were in my head. He said a 1000! I asked how many is left. He said 20! We are fighting very hard!
I still do my homework every day at home. I exercise every day. I eat all my food. We talk a lot! Daddy, mommy and I!
Today was day 10 after my 7th chemo and guess what!!!! No mouth sores, no fevers, no hospitals, no infections, no nothing!! I feel good!! My body is not hurting at all!! The doctors said they are very happy with my goodies in my blood!!! Yeh!!!!! They told me last week and Tuesday that they will see me this weekend when I come in feeling ill! Well I didn’t!!!! I feel super!
Thank you everybody that is praying for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is helping me and I told the Lord this morning that I feel very special to know that so many people are praying for me!
Me and daddy this morning at the hospital when they did blood tests! Daddy say I look like Einstein!! Ahhahhahhahah

Mommy and I go for a walk every morning early! I love it!

My brother and I playing on the trampoline

This was taken on Tuesday when I was told my MRI is clean! I was sooooooooo happy my brother was forced to give me a cuddle!!!

Thank you everybody who are praying for me!!!!!!!!!!!!


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