Making my face mask for radiotherapy

Good evening every body!!!!

I got my face mask today for my radiotherapy. They had to make it especially for me to fit my face.

We first played a little with the material so that I could understand what they were going to do.

Then I made a mask for a grown up doll!

Then it was my turn! I got 3 tattoo’s today!!!!!!!! I never expected to get tattoo’s!!! I think it is cool, daddy doesn’t! Hahahhahahahahahahh this will be my special bed that I will lay on every time I get radiotherapy.

I almost look like an alien or something! This special mask will keep my face and head in the correct position and help me hold my head still when I receive radiotherapy. It is a little scary because I can’t move and I’m strapped down on the bed. But I stayed calm and I relaxed. I breathed in deeply and just thought of the sea like daddy and I have practiced. I thought about the things I like and just relaxed as much as possible. Radiotherapy is not for someone who is claustrophobic! That’s a big new word I learned today! You have to relax and not panic! I was proud today because we made the mask and I did very good!

Another job well done and it is behind us! Daddy took this when we got home

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  1. You are such a brave little girl! We want you to know, although we have never met you we are praying for you! I can imagine your mask must be pretty if it was made from your sweet little face. Keep up your work David and Goliath will fall! God Bless and all our love.
    Heather and Bill Rice from America

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