Radiotherapy preparation

Good afternoon to you all.

We were at UCLH where Chiane will receive her radiotherapy and met the team responsible for Chiane.

They made her face mask today and Chiane sailed through it. It was demanding for her and a little scary but we managed to do it all in one go.

Never in my life have I thought our daughter will have tattoo’s at the age of 5! Yes, Chiane got 3 small tattoo marks today which will be used to “line her up for treatment”. It’s very important that she lays in the exact position every time. The marks will help the team to set her up, clip the mask on and deliver the radio therapy. The bed she lays on is custom made for only Chiane, and will be used every time she receive treatment.

Chiane looked really helpless in the whole process but she knows it is very important to get her ready. The big test will come when they start radiotherapy. She will be all alone in a room, strap down on a bed. The machine is huge and a little overwhelming for her but Andia and I are working hard to get her ready. She will be ready! It’s a lot to ask of her, but it’s very important to do this without general anaesthetics.

How is Chiane? She is doing absolutely brilliant! She has gained 2 kg after her last 2 chemotherapy. She is eating us out of the house and I enjoy every second of it! Her energy levels are good! Her blood counts are fantastic!

We want to thank Tara Kindergartens, Indira/Carol, the staff and parents who’s children are at the nursery for their fund raising! Thank you…

Marie-Helen, please thank your father in law on our behave for all the organic food he donated! Thank you for delivering it to us!

Helen, Chiane’s accountant… Thank you for organising a fund raising for Chiane. I believe you ladies are going to do a looonnng walk and are getting sponsored for every mile you walk! Good luck!!!!!! I hope you get to Russia! (joking!!)

Thank you all for your support. We get so much support from our local community. Thank you! Every little bit is helping us and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

We are staying positive; and we are driven to beat this. We can only thank God for giving us the strength and support to do this. The battle continues and little David is making Goliath sweat at the moment!

Thank you all for praying for Chiane.

Thank you


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