Chiane’s platelet count

Good evening to you all.

Chiane is doing very well. She was due to have a “radiotherapy test run” tomorrow to see if she can cope with it without general anaesthetics, and due to start radiotherapy on Thursday, but it has been put back for a week. She will now have her test run next week on Wednesday, and start radiotherapy on Thursday next week.

The delay is due to her blood levels. Chiane’s platelets are 18. They need to be above a 100 before they can start radiotherapy. Chiane dipped 10 days after her last chemo and her platelets are struggling to recover. She already had 2 platelet transfusions in the last 3 weeks since the last chemo but it is recovering slowly. This is caused by the chemo that wiped out her bone marrow. We don’t realise just how strong her chemo was, because she is so strong and doing things every day children would do. She is very active, she eats well, she is all good 100% but her bone marrow!

She went in twice for platelet transfusions and was only in hospital for 30 min, and then out again back home. She hasn’t been ill at all, no fevers, no infections and we have been working very hard to get her ready for radiotherapy. We will continue to do so until her platelets are above 100 and we get the green light to start. People don’t realise she had 7 chemos because she does not show it at all. Her body is in a good condition and we have had time to really intensify her supporting treatments.

There is a lot happening at the moment which I will discuss in due cause. We are just waiting for 2 more tests to come through. We have a very very clear understanding medically what is wrong with Chiane and how to tackle her cancer. The lump and bump are gone (MRI was clean) but the fight is far from over! It has only just begun!

Thank you for your prayers. I have been told that a lot of people are currently working to help us raise funds for her treatment in the states. I will go in to it in due course.

Thank you every one for your support, on all different levels!

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