Fighting like a lion!

Good evening everybody!

We have been very busy building up my body! I feel very good! I eat a lot of food! I always feel like I can eat something! Hahahahahahah

I eat a lot of healthy foods, what they call the 8 essential sugars. The proper word is glyconutritions. I learned a lot about dietitians! I have special milk and water, bath in special water. I eat only organic foods and do exercise a lot. I feel very good. I have very little hair left and we will take some pictures this weekend. We are working very hard to help me with radiotherapy, and I do work hard at home doing school work! I’m fighting my cancer and I believe that God has a plan with me. Daddy said I am very special and I am 5 years old, but I fight like a lion! We will not give in and we will fight 100%. I remember when daddy and I had a chat in the park after my operations, he said it will be hard and tough but we are built to last and we will fight. Like tennis!!!! We don’t focus on the game or match! We only focus on each ball, one ball at a time and we are hitting it as hard and as good as we can! This way, the road gets shorter and win each ball at a time coming our way.

Let the balls come! God is my coach!!!!

Thank you everybody for praying for me!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to send these last week! It was when I got my 3 small tattoo’s.

Thank you everybody who is praying for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Your prayers are helping me stay strong!!!!!!


About Our Butterfly Girl

Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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