Chiane Update

Good evening to you all.

It has been a while since my last update. We have been very busy catching up on much needed paperwork, bills and daily tasks that were pushed to the bottom of the priority list due to Chiane’s illness.

We now have a steady flow of organic food coming in from all over Europe. It took a while to get here but “the craziness is over”. Research is done. Specialists employed. We have done a lot at home to make things as comfortable as possible for Chiane. Alkaline water systems are in, air purifying systems are in. We have received a lot of blood and medical reports back that we paid for outside the NHS as we felt they did not test for everything we felt needed to be tested. I will cover the results some time this week. It was an eye opener and we altered her homeopathic medicine slightly. We got mountains of information through the blog and gene testings and it was very helpful info. We tested 4000 genes and there is still a lot that needs “fixing” in her body. but!!!! We know what is out of balance in her body and we know how to put it right. We are in the process of sorting it out!!!

Her platelets are still struggling to recover. It is just such a reality check to think how much her bone marrow and platelets are struggling to recover after the last 2 chemo’s…. It’s harsh and tough on children! Yet, Chiane in herself is doing very very well. We had 2 late nights Sunday and Monday with temperature that spiked at night time. We found the problem and it’s fixed! Her temperature is back to 36.4 and it’s steady now! Luckily, she has had no infections and she is doing very well.

All we do at the moment is preparing her for radiotherapy with the extra time we have and building her body and immune system up.

Helen (Chiane’s accountant) is arranging a “walk for life” for Chiane. The news papers will cover the story. I believe it is quite a distance!!! With photo’s of Chiane printed on the shirts and the budgets to collect donations through London. Thank you Helen. We know there is a lot of preparation work involved. Thank you for you and your team!!!!

Also, we want to thank Theresa and her mom (Beth), who are selling scented candles for Christmas in the states. 50% of the profits will go directly to Chiane’s treatment costs in the states. Thank you…..

If anyone else has got something in the pipeline and want us to publish it on Chiane’s website, to help with your project re marketing please let us know so that we can cover it on her website.

We have had a very busy 2 weeks, but it was extremely productive and the boat is stable! We have direction and most medical concerns are being addressed.

Monika, thank you for the extra pair of hands at home. Monika visits us every Wednesday and helps with house work and cleaning. Thank you!!!!!!!

Thank you to Tara kindergartens that collected funds towards Chiane’s treatment. It was paid directly in to her account. Thank you ladies!!!!!

Every penny helps!!!!!! We are still a long long way away from £130,000.00 for her treatment in the states but we will continue to pray and we believe we will get there!

We thank each and every one of you for what you are doing for Chiane and praying is the most important of all….

Thank you


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