My new hair style!!!

Daddy told me that when my hair has all fallen out we will put oil on our heads and make it all shine!!!! But look!!!!! It’s growing back!!!!!

I was not impressed with my hair growing back so quickly!!!! I wanted a shiny head!!!!!!! I think it looks beautiful having a shiny head but my hair is recovering very quickly! So guess what we did?

Ahhahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!! I wanted a shiny head very badly and told daddy to shave my head like his!!!!

And the end result was!!! A shiny oily head!!!!

And the end results was!!!! Shiny heads!!!!!

Here is my last hair!!!!!! In the fairly box it goes!!!!!!!! Now the fairies can come and collect my hair to make wings for the baby fairies!!!!

I loooovvvveeeee my shiny head!!!!!

I think it looks good!!!! We had a lot of fun today!!! Between all the hard work, school, exercising and playing with my brother, oxygen therapy, and getting ready for radiotherapy!!!!!!

Thank you everyone who is praying for me and I feel really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots and lots and lots of lovies, cuddles, hugs and kisses!!!!!!!


About Our Butterfly Girl

Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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