News from Chiane!

Good everyone!

I am back! I took some time off to sleep like a bear in the winter! Hahahhahah

Me and my brother this afternoon in my room.

My brother and I at the cafeteria having a banana. We got out of the ward a little bit and I needed some time with my brother to catch up!

Going back to my room. My brother was a good boy and listened! Usually he just run off!

Having a serious chat with my brother not to cry when he has to go home without me!

My brother and I relaxing in my room!

I love him soooo much!!!!!!

It’s time for a bath now! Daddy promised me he will bath with me! This is going to be funny!! Daddy is big!!!!

Thank you everybody that has been praying for me!!!!!!!!!!! I feel much better!!!!!!!!

Lots of love

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