Update Sunday evening

Good evening to you all.

Chiane is much much better. She is out of intensive care. She is on elephant ward. After her MRI scan, we went to the hospitals main cafeteria area where Chiane and her brother had a late afternoon snack together. She is much better, eat and drink by herself, walking, talking, running around as nothing happened. She is much much better. The brain is a funny thing! It can very quickly go wrong.

The only thing we have noticed, still showing aftermath of seizures is her speech. It takes some time for her to complete a sentence and she will “jump” between different subjects. almost having 3 or 4 stories running at the same time, and jumping between them instead if starting one thing, and finish talking about it before she moves on to the next subject.

After her brother left, we had the first opportunity to have a quiet chat with her. Her speech is a bit slow, but other than that, she is good. It’s a minor set back, but it just motive us more to fight this. Like I have said a few days ago, the fact that the MRI is clean, is no means that it is over. It’s far from over the real fight only begins now.

We are now even more deferment, more motivated, and this minor hurdle is one of many to come in the future. Forward we go! We pray and we believe!!!

Thank you everyone for your comments on twitter and on her Facebook.

Thank you for your prayers!


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