I have 2 words! Bitter sweet!

Good evening to you all.

I have 2 words! Bitter sweet!

Chiane did A great job today! We worked very hard to get her ready for radiotherapy without general anaesthetics. She did it a practice session today and she flew through it with flying colours. UCLH is very pleased and convinced she can do this now without general anaesthetics. You can imagine the relief and how happy she and we as parents were! She did good, and she is very proud of herself! We are very proud of her. She had music in the room. We use a 2 way radio to talk to Chiane.

We left UCLH on a high note and went back to GOSH where we got the shock of our lives. The cancer is back. 5 weeks ago, her MRI was clear, the MRI taken on Sunday (due to seizures) ¬†reviled the cancer coming back at a vengeance… Going through 3 new areas in her brain, right lobe. This was the reason for the seizures.

It felt like the carpet are rip out underneath you yet again. After it sank in, all I could do was starting to laugh at the consultant, shaking my head. Relapsing while in treatment! Wow! To say this cancer is aggressive, is an understatement. What now?

Her bloods has not yet, fully recovered. She is in GOSH tonight getting more platelet and red blood cell transfusions; radio therapy is starting tomorrow, 9 am… Wether her blood counts are ready or not. They want to push ahead.

At 6 pm she had a “small episode” with her arms and hands starting to shake as if she is getting a seizure but it wasn’t a seizure. She could talk and communicate asking me what was going on because “she moves without her wanting to or having control over it”. It’s hard to see her brain now really being affected by the cancer. It is now moving fast and hard.

We are worried about radio therapy starting tomorrow because the brain will swell due to radiotherapy which can lead to more seizures. Loads of questions, very few answers at no ones fault but one thing is for certain, they are pressing forward, whether her bloods are ready or not, whether more seizures can now occur or not; it’s either that or its game over (in their eyes).

Chiane doesn’t know about the cancer returning, she thinks she is still in the all clear.

What a shocker! Relapse while in treatment. “it’s never over until it’s over, and I said… After her MRI scan on the 19th of a September that it is what this cancer does, it withdraw then come back hard! Well it did, so the real fight begin only now.

Please keep on praying and we stay positive, we fight and this motivates me more!!!!!!! The harder this thing hits, the more deferment am I to break it’s back.


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