My practice radiotherapy session

Guess what!!!!!!!!! I did a practice radiotherapy session and it went very well!!!!! I did it without general anaesthetics and our hard work paid off!!!!! Yyyeeesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The machine is very big, but I wasn’t scared! I laid on my own for the whole session and it didn’t bother me.

Ready to go!!! We worked hard and it was time to do it!!!

Tiger was allowed with me in the room! He was watching me sitting in a chair!

I was laying back relaxing, watching what the machine did. It’s big and it moves all around me.

Now it was time for the mask to go on!
It really is tight and I can’t move my upper body at all!!!

Mask is on and we are ready to go!! 5 weeks hard work and it came down to this!!! They did final checks and I was left alone in the room by myself but Tiger was with me.

I’m good to start! Thumbs up!!!

Mommy and daddy left the room. They are here in the computer room, watching me on the cameras

I have done very good! I had music in the room that daddy and mommy made me to help me relax and I had a 2 way radio close to me and I could hear mommy and daddy talk me all the time telling me what the doctors are doing and how good I was doing!

The doctors were happy!

I DID IT!!!!!!!! No problem!!!! The whole session all by myself!!!!

Doc is giving the heads up!!!! They are happy and confident that I can do this by myself without general anaesthetics.

I am done! We did it!!!!!!!

You can see how hard the mask Squeeze my face. I had patterns all over my face.

I’m proud!!! I did it!!!!! It’s no big deal! We worked hard for this day and I did it!!!! I’m ready!!!!

Thank you everybody for praying for me!!!!!!

Lovies Chiane

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