Radiotherapy – Day 1

Good evening every body!!
I started today with radiotherapy and it went well. I have 2 sessions each day! One at 9 am and one at 4 pm for 4 weeks!
Mommy and daddy are watching me on the TV screen while I get my radiotherapy.

Mommy and daddy are talking to me all the time with 2 way radio’s while I lay down on the bed telling me what the doctors are doing, how long it takes and making jokes!

I can’t talk back but I can hear everything that mommy and daddy are saying. You can see the black 2 way radio lays on the bed by my feet.

Job done! It went well. This was taken after my first radiotherapy session this morning.

I made my own calendar! 43 sessions to go!!!!! I choose my own sticker to put it on the 1.

My first radiotherapy session is crossed over with a sticker! 42 to go!!!

After every radiotherapy session I will get special cream on my head to help my skin not get burned by the radiotherapy…clever!!!!

All done! Time for lunch!!!! It ate good and we then went for a nap!! I feel so sorry for the other kids as they are all in their beds on drips and they can’t eat. All the other kids are having general anesthetics in my ward, and I am so glad that I don’t get general anesthetics!!!!

Estian and I having a nap after lunch in my room…

After our nap daddy put music on in my room and we had a lot of fun playing and dancing!!!! It’s soooo good to be able to run and play! We celebrated by dancing and laughing. We could not be too load as all the other children were very ill and sleeping because of the general anesthetics. I felt so good to go where I wanted to in the hospital and we played hide and seek in the ward until it was time for my 2nd radio therapy session.

I will send another email tomorrow! It’s time for my bath!!!

Good night everybody!!!!

Lots of love!!!

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