6 Sessions of radiotherapy done, headaches are getting better and my hair is growing back!

Good evening everybody!!!!!!!

I am doing very well. My headaches are better and I feel much much better!!!

These pics were taking yesterday morning after my 5th radiotherapy session. Sticker is coming over the number 5! 5 sessions done, 38 to go!!!

My brother giving me a kiss before I had to go in for radiotherapy yesterday morning.

After radiotherapy we went for a walk outside. That is one of my special rewards for not getting general anaesthetics! I don’t have to go back to ward like the other kids! After my morning radiotherapy session, I go for a morning walk, and then a big breakfast at 10am!!!!!

This is the coolest thing ever!!!! You can see a golden balloon at the ceiling way up high!!!!! It is filled with helium and it will stay there for some time before it comes down. It’s my balloon!! This is in the main reception at the hospital. Every morning we rush downstairs to the reception to see if it is still there. We released the balloon as soon as he walked in to UCHL the first morning on Wednesday. This is like an extra fun thing to do in the morning! Daddy thinks it will stay there 2 weeks! Once it cones down we will release another one to go up in reception!

My brother and I was naughty in the hospital not knowing daddy was watching us!! We got a big fright when we realised daddy was standing behind us!!!

This was yesterday afternoon after radiotherapy! 6 done! 37 to go!! I had a bug headache when these pics were taken!!!

These were taken today at my local hospital. Ray was cleaning my wigglies and he put a new big plaster on after daddy removed the old one! Ray is my most favourite medical person of all the hospitals!!!! He always come to my house to draw my blood too! He is very friendly and very nice!


My bloods are very good at the money and my neutrophils and white blood cells are super high fighting the badies!!!!!

Look how big I am! I am not scared of needles and I took my own inslofon needle out of my leg!! I am a big girl! It didn’t even hurt!!!

Look at my hair!!! They are growing back very quickly!!! Daddy said it is because he is mixing dog food in my food to help my hair grow!! Ahhahhahahahahhah

Some of my school teachers are going to visit me tomorrow. I know they miss me a lot but they will come to visit me tomorrow at hospital. I am making something special for my teachers but it is a secret!!!!! I love art and craft work!

Daddy has to help me a little making knots!!

Thank you everybody that is praying for me and sending me their good wishes!!

It is time for bed! Good night!!!

Lots of love, kisses and cuddles!!

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Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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  1. WOW!! you are soooo brave Chiane- needles are my worst! next time I’ll think of you and try be as brave!!!
    love your updates
    big XOXOXOOXOX’s

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