Help Me Fight Cancer 11km walk

Helen and her team from Helen Nicolas Accounting Solutions arranged a Charity walk to raise donations for Chiane. All donations will go towards the family’s travel expenses, supplements, enzymes, antioxidants, immune boosters, vitamins, diets, weekly fresh organic foods, complimentary treatments supporting her Primary NHS treatment, alternative therapy after completion of her Primary NHS treatment. Sponsorship money will also go towards funding Chiane’s treament in the USA at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston. There is also the possibilty of further alternative therapy in Germany.

The walk was a big success!  The walk went from Cockfosters, to Southgate, to East Barnet, past Barnet football club and ended in High Barnet. Collecting donations from members of the public and shops along the way. £1,000.00 was collected from the donations alone!

We all met at 10:30 at Cockfosters. The ladies had their faces painted with Chiane’s favourite animals, ladybirds and butterflies. The guys quickly found other ways to help whilst the face painting was going on, we could not have been seen in public with a butterfly on our face!

We were really well received by all the local shops and members of the public. There were cars stopping in the middle of the road to put money in the collection buckets, people even came running across the street when they saw us and one lady went back to the ATM to draw money as she run out of cash!

This was a great way to raise not only donations but also awareness of Chiane’s fight against cancer.

Thank you to everyone involved in the charity walk, especially Helen Nicolas, Arty Speroni and the rest of team at Helen Nicolas Accounting Solutions.

We hope to have another event soon. If you have something planned or are willing to take part in a fundraising event, please get in touch.

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