My stay at the hospital

Good afternoon Everybody!!!!

So far it is going well!!!!

Session 7!

Session 8!

Session 9!

Session 10!

I am making progress!!!

Session 11

Session 12

So far so good!!!!

Estian and I having fun.

My brother is getting a sticker for being a good boy!!!!

I am giving my brother a kiss before he goes home!

I love my tiger teddy!!!! He goes every where with me!!

This is my school at the hospital. I have to go to school every day.

Me with 2 of my school teachers. I'm getting books to read!

This is me in my room. I have a small desk where I do my homework. I practice hand eye coordination.

A magician visit my room and made me 2 toys.

A teddy bear and a worm!

Halloween!!! Mommy went all around the hospital and gave everybody special sweeties with no sugar and chocolates with no sugar.. I was then allowed to go trick or treat in the hospital on Halloween!

I had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

Mommy and me outside the hospital.

This was my snack today! Berries!!! I like strawberries, grapes and black berries!

Estian playing drums with a cucumber!

Mommy and I having fun!

I have to go back to school now. Thank you every body that is praying for me!!! Thank you Helen and Arti!
Daddy showed me the pics! It’s awesome!!!!!!


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