Chiane half way through Radiotherapy

Good evening to you all.

It has been a few days since our last email.

Chiane is half way through Radiotherapy. Today was session 21 in the morning and session 22 in the afternoon…(of 43)…21 sessions still to go.

How is Chiane? Very very good. We have a few challenges at the moment and we are doing our best to stay on top of it.
1. Long days. Very early mornings and late evenings. We are up at 5 am in the mornings and we get home between 7-8pm. The IRS bathing time, feeding time, cream, medicines, bed time etc..
2. Pains…they are not only treating her head, but her whole spine as well… Which means her stomach are also being effected by the radiotherapy and her throat… She is starting to struggle to eat and we are fighting her soar throat at the moment to ensure she continues to eat good healthy organic food. Watch this space… We were caught off guard with this one but we are dealing with it!!!!
3. Redness…after 22 sessions, she is remarkably good! Although her skin is starting to show redness, it’s nothing compare to others that had much less sessions… So we are using a lot of cream to protect her skin.

Other than that! 100% all good!!! She is sailing through radiotherapy. Chiane really likes her school at the hospital and she made a few new friends, although she is the only person not staying in hospital, they are very nice and kind to her.

I would like to thank Julia, Gina, Fiona, Louise and Hazel from Chiane’s Gymnastics club (ashmolephoenix). They did an absolutely fantastic job with “Sponsor a Star” event. 128 children from her club took part to raise money!! Thank you ladies and thank you to all the Gymnasts for their dedication! Chiane was very impress when she got the photos and emotional that so many children cared so much about her fight against her cancer! Thank you!!! You can read about the event on the link below and see all the photos…

Also, good luck with this weekends regional Gymnastic events. I was told 800 gymnasts will be taking part at the event… Thank you ladies!!!!

A Very special thank you to Monika and Dustin… Dustin, for your hard work and dedication to help with the website, donations, cards etc..
Monika, liaising with the event planning and for helping at home. Monika arrived at our house at 7 am this morning. Tonight, when we got home, our house clean and tidy, she cooked dinner and it was a big big help to us! Thank you for all your hard work Monika and for taking care of Estian today to give us a break!

Chiane is still in a very good fighting spirit, and still, she makes every one laugh at the hospital. Nothing is getting her down and she has amazing strength!!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers and your support!


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