Half way there!!!

Hallo everyone!!!!

I am half way though radiotherapy and we are doing good so far!!!!
Me, my brother and daddy being silly and playing being pirates!!! Aargh!

This is a blanket that Theresa made for my brother. We both got one, but we like to share!

After radiotherapy in the mornings, we go for a walk before breakfast. Winter is here!!!

Me painting a get well soon Card for all the children in hospital as they are very ill!

This was yesterday. Session 19 is done! My newly grown hair is starting to fall out again because of the radiotherapy. Daddy said I should eat dog biscuits to make my hair grown back strong and thick! Hahahahahhah

School at hospital. All the other children have drips and machines connected to them. I’m the one sitting with my back to the photo with the pink shirt…. No drips, no machines. I do feel sorry for them because they all have to stay in hospital.

Mommy and daddy watching me in the control room. I don’t need radios anymore. I relax and listen to music.

My sticker calendar is growing!! Whoop whoop!!!!

This was today at radiotherapy.

Say cheese!!!!! Time to switch off and relax!!!

Done!!!!! We ARE HALF WAY!!! you can see how red I am under my neck and my chest. My throat hurts but we are fighting it! I will be better in a few days! I’m not allowed to say what we do but my triathlon will be all good in a few days!!!

Thank you everybody for praying for me!!!!!!!!! Thank you to my gymnastic school for everything you are doing!!!! I am so blessed to have so many children and friends caring about me!!! I miss gymnastics!!!!!!!!

Love Chiane

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