I’m a very busy girl!

Good morning everybody!!!!!!!

Anna from my school came to visit me at hospital on Friday!!! I was SO HAPPY TO SEE HER! I had both my hospital reacher and my school teacher in my class room!! I was so happy!!

She surprised me in my class room at the hospital and I didn’t know she was coming to see me! Naughty daddy kept that quiet! Hahahahah

Me showing Anna my school work.

Anna stayed for my afternoon radiotherapy session

This was last week and Friday before we went home for the weekend. Number 26 all done!

Anna is wearing the arm bracelet that I made her. We said good buy to her at the reception area, at the hospital before we left for the weekend!

We saw Anna again on Sunday when we went horse riding.

I love horses!!!!!! It is so calming and relaxing. The weeks are so busy! We are up at 6 am, leave home at 7 am. My first radiotherapy session is at 9 am, then I have breakfast at 10am, go to a play session from 10:30 am to 12 pm, then it’s lunch, I relax for an hour then it’s school, and 4 pm it is radiotherapy again. Sometimes we get home at 6 pm, sometimes at 9 pm, then I bath and have dinner. But weekends I rest and I relax. Horses always make me feel so good!

Getting there!!!

28 done!

29 done!

30 done!

31 done!

One day at at a time! Like daddy said, it’s just like tennis! We take on one ball at a time, and focus only on that ball and we smash it! The match points will come!! We rake each day and each radio session at a time. We are almost there!!! My last session is next week and Thursday.

My autumn tree that I made in the radiotherapy playroom. I like it!!!

My snowflakes. Mummy folded the paper and told me where to cut. I then painted it in different colours and covered it in snow glitter. These are also in the radiotherapy playroom. I am making the playroom colourful! Hahahhahahah

These are the paper towels the snowflakes were painted on. The play specialist said it looked so good, she is keeping them too.

I was also asked by the radiotherapists to make them a winter display.  Mommy and I will start that next week as the teachers in the hospital school saw the snowflakes and they want me to make them some too.

Thank you everybody who are praying for me! We are almost there! Today is Friday and I am going to rest and visit some of my friends!!!

I have to go now, it is 8:30 am and I have to get ready for my morning radiotherapy session.

Lots of love and cuddles!!!

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Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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