Radiotherapy almost done!

Good evening to you all.

We have been quiet the last week and I apologise for the delay. It has been extremely busy our end.

How is Chiane doing? She is such a fighter! Not once has she complained! However, the radiotherapy is starting to get to her. Most adults have a maximum of 30 radiotherapy sessions over 6 weeks period, and by that time they are flat, burned, drained and tired.

Chiane has had 32 sessions now in 3 weeks (twice as intense as adult treatment), her skin is holding and we rub a lot if cream on her to prevent burns and broken skin. We dealt with her sore throat which was caused by the radiotherapy, so she can swallow again. However, because her spine was treated, the radiotherapy goes straight through her body… And therefore hit her stomach and gut too… She lost her appetite to eat and she is loosing weight now…and a fast rate!

She is so brave… She is doing a very very intense course of radiotherapy, twice a day…very very demanding and she does not complain at all.

Now that we sort her throat out (she has no more pain in her throat and can swallow again), our main aim is to get her weight up again!!! She is tired, radiotherapy makes a person very tired, but… Saying that, she is still bouncing all over the place!

We have made a “tactical” change…

Andia is now running solo with Chiane, taking her for treatment every day, supporting her, making sure that Chiane is taken care of and she picked up the ropes.

I let go of Chiane and my main focus now is marketing,…£130k here we come! We have to raise the money for the states and I am now focused to get the money in. It’s EXTREMELY BUSY! I’m on the phone from 7 am till 9-10 pm doing marketing.

We changed her website slightly and it will catch your eyes as soon as you open it up! Gave a look and see if you can spot the difference! Click on the link:

17th of December I will be doing a 25 mile/ 39 km walk. We are building a team of 200 people to each find 50 people to sponsor me…I’m still a long way away from 200 people, I only have 56 so far but I’m working on it.

There are so many things in the pipeline and our goal is to get as close as we can to £100k by Christmas. Luckily, a large team of friends are involve!!!! 3 schools are looking to do fund raising, which we appreciate! A lot of people have come forward with fund raising ideas and they are getting on with planning events! Thank you to everyone involved and being so proactive!!!

We would like to thank Gina, Julia, Louise, Fiona, Catherine, and every one shaking buckets for their hard work and efforts the weekend at the general gymnastics competition in London! They raised £1.8k! Well done ladies!!!

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One more week!!! Then radiotherapy is over!!!!! Then it will be phase 3… More chemotherapy!

Thank you to everyone that is praying for Chiane!!!!! She us getting tired but it is a lot to ask of a 5 year old! We are almost there!!!! 1 more week!

The fight continues!!! When things get tough we dig deeper!!!!!! We never give up and we never surrender!!!! Thank you for those of you that took the bull by the horns and helping without asking with so many fund raising ideas, planning and seeing it through…standing side by side next to us helping raise money! Thank you to everyone that has made a donation so far!!!! She needs this… She really needs this treatment in the states. Chiane has been fighting her cancer without complaining once! Now, it is time for us to help her and we are not going to fail her… Come what may, we will work day and night until we have £130k to take her to the states for this treatment!

One last though… Thank you to Anna from Chiane’s local school… She has gone far beyond her duties to visit Chiane in hospital, showing interest, visiting her at school in hospital! What you did was neat Anna…chiane appreciated a “familiar face” so much!!! Thank you…


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