All the fundraisers!

Thank you Maria for cutting your hair and dying it my favourite colour! Maria raised over £200 doing it! I saw Maria today and I told her she was brave like me! Thank you Maria!!!



Then to the men in Walvisbay in Namibia!!!!! The Walvis Bay community church… Thank you for starting to raise money for me by shaving your head! They collected R3000.00 today and they just started!

Tobi Nel is the pastor! He looks like a rock star now! Jahjahahah thank you Tobi!!!! Get those men to shave their heads! It’s summer there! Hahhahah

Jan van Heerden! Thank you!!!!

PJ Coetzee – Thank you!!!!

Rudi Momberg! Thank you!!!

My local Gymnastics club raised over £2,000 with Sponsor a star! Thank you soo soooo much to all my teachers and fellow gymnast at my local Club!!!

Thank you to the walk for life and Helen! They got it mire than £1,800!!

Then, I want to thank Theresa and her mom Beth, and Aunt Barb and Graystar! They managed to cell loads of candles and they made $500 profits that they donated!! Thank you so much! Please send pictures that we can put on the website?!

Thank you to everyone who are helping me and my fight against cancer! Thank you so much for supporting me!

You are all helping me, fight my cancer and most importantly, please continue to pray for me! I got through radiotherapy through your prayers!!! Thank you all!!!!!

Lots and lots and lots of love!

About Our Butterfly Girl

Charity based website to support Chiane in her battle against brain cancer.

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