Sponsor a Star

3 December 2011

Thank you Ashmole Phoenix gymnastic club! They raised over £3,000 for Chiane’s treatment in America! Chiane and Chris visited them today to say thank you! Thank you all the children, parents and teachers for the fundraising!

5 November 2011

On the 3, 4, 5 November, 124 Gymnasts from Ashmole› Phoenix Gymnastics Club completed their sponsor a star challenge raising money for their fellow gymnast Chiane.

Gymnasts and coaches completed as many stars as they could in one minute, which the coaches found was quite a challenge! Over 8500 stars were completed across the 8 classes, with one girl completing 100. We’ve raised so far £350 from just 16 gymnasts! The remaining money is due in over the next few weeks.

There were big smiles throughout the challenge and the children supported each other during their stars by counting and timing. The parents congratulated their children and pledged to raise as much money as possible for our brave little star – Chiane!!

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